Project Outputs

Collaboration is a way of working in teams, which makes use of all the cumulative experience of the team towards achieving a task. Most companies nowadays use this method to enhance their employees’ productivity. To prepare graduates for working in such an environment, tutors have started to deliver their subjects in a collaborative manner.
For her Masters of Design for Services studies, Reem Sultan has researched ways to encourage this type of collaboration in educational interior spaces. She has a background in interior design, and her previous experience as a lecturer helped to shape the direction of her design research this past year.
Inspired by the quote of David Kelley “We value Innovation as team sport; it needs “We” spaces more than conventional “I” space” she has created a set of cards which serve as a method for embedding collaboration in an educational setting, through actions, items to remember, and through physical design elements.
These cards can be used daily; they can be semester- based and used even in the initial stages of the design of new educational buildings. The potential users range from the architect of the physical building, to any student who wishes to transform the space in which they spend most of their time.
The card deck is maintained by a website which displays the case studies of people who have used the cards. The user of the website can be informed through images of how these people transformed the spaces around them, and they also have the opportunity to create their own cards and share them with others; in addition the website provides a forum offering support for registered users.
In the future, Reem hopes to undertake PhD research in which she will take the project background and findings to look more closely into “educational space” and users’ experience in the education environment, to see how physical space and artefacts impact on a user’s psychology.

The Collaborative Spaces project is done on phases through the time of the study for the Master of Design for Services, the progress of the project will be monitored here.

I have thought of 50 ways that my project would result into, as they might be repetitive or not very convincing, these cards helped me focus on the real outcome of my research, which now would be an academic paper, cards deck and an online presence.

The prototype of the digital cards deck produced to share with a sample of the intended users to have get their feedback on how to develop the cards and if there were more categories to include within the deck. (It is sent and I am now collecting the feedbacks to analyze them).

space to co

The final deliverables of my master project are three outcomes:

1- Academic paper

2- The cards set

3- The website


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